Our Mission
 Where We’re Running To:

Sandy Feet Events produces fun San Diego area athletic and social events with a conscience. We seek to leave footprints that are light on the earth but big in our communities, through environmentally friendly event management as well as partnerships with like-minded local charities.

Sandy Feet steps in a new direction with fun events designed to grow a community that cares and awareness about our partner charities’ causes.  We seek to build a sustainable future through our actions and by supporting organizations focused on creating sustainability within our community.


Getting sand on our feet is about health and fitness for participants, communities, and the planet.  Just as running barefoot on the beach helps us at Sandy Feet feel connected to nature, we hope Sandy Feet events help our participants feel more connected to the outdoors and to each other.  (Don’t worry – a Sandy Feet 5K run does involve shoes and a road).


Come outside and play with Sandy Feet Events – and by all means, get your feet dirty.

 Our Core Values:

Sandy Feet Events always operates by a set of 10 core values, at all of our events we strive to:

Be crowd pleasers.

Always exercise integrity.

Embrace change.

Enhance our community.

Be passionate and determined.

Be classy!

Think positive.

Take ownership.

Be creative problem solvers.

Create fun and a little weirdness.

 Rachel Hiner 
 Chief Running Officer 
 Deanna Askin 
 Event Coordinator 
 Kristen Leitao 
 Natalia Garcia 
 Event & Volunteer Manager 
 Mark Jones 
 Crowd Coordinator 
 Make it Happen 
 Our Team