The Best Running Trails in San Diego provides a map that shows all of the greatest running trails in San Diego. It can be found at here. On the right side of the map, a list of trails is given in alphabetical order, along with the name and length of the trail. Click on each to find out more. Below, a few have been pre-highlighted just for you. These are all good training runs for our fall Temecula Half Marathon & 5K which is run partially on dirt roads and the rest on paved roads. Trails can be much e

Happy Thanksgiving from Sandy Feet!

With Thanksgiving this upcoming Thursday, it only seems fitting for this week’s blog post to revolve around gratitude.  While gratitude should be expressed often, sometimes it may not.  Certain days, we feel more “thankful” than others, sometimes, we feel more thankful for specific things than other days, and even throughout the day, there are little blips of time in which gratitude fills us.  All of us here at Sandy Feet Events are most especially thankful for all of you who

Is it possible to be a vegan runner?

Being vegan (a person that eats plant based diet) does not take away from energy levels needed to be a runner. There are lots of vegan runners that run all distances, even 100 mile races, and they do just fine. Eating a plant based diet surprisingly enhances your energy levels and will make you a better runner. Interested? Read on! The thing to understand is that you can still be an unhealthy vegan eating junk food; not every calorie is created the same. 100 calories of carro