Eating Clean Part Deux

We’d be lying if we didn’t say that eating clean was a challenge for us here at Sandy Feet, but 2/3 into our January commitment we’ve got some more resources and advice to help you keep going strong or start it up! 1) Get Clean with a Clan: Support is essential in any life change you make. Whether it’s a new pace you’re running, distance you’re tackling, or habit you’re forming, it’s easiest to do it with friends and family. Even if everyone in your inner circle isn’t taking

EatClean2015: Join Our Commitment To Clean Eating

2015 is hours away and yes it’s cliche’ to make a resolution. But how can you hate on the conscious effort of an individual or the masses to better themselves, others, and the world around them? It’s impossible to hate, so jump on the bandwagon! Whatever your resolution is, be sure to set specific steps and goals. Steps help you to be successful. Goals help you to know if and when you’ve accomplished your goals. If you’re considering joining us here at Sandy Feet in our Commi