May Motivation with Charity Miles

Join us, will you? In what, you ask? In a May Motivation #fittercity challenge with November Project to support your health and RWB. Plus, you might even win a free race entry to a Sandy Feet Events race to keep you active all year round! Here’s how: 1) Download the Charity Miles app (it’s free!). 2) Create a profile and login. 3) Join our local San Diego November Project tribe by joining team November Project SD. 4) Each time you run, walk, bike or November Project (a fre

Put These Power Foods On Your Plate: Superfoods that Can Slim

Sick of the same salads, soups, or sammies day in and day out? Steer clear of getting overwhelmed by the choices at the supermarket this week and stick with these five superfoods in your meals. They not only taste good, they might even help you slim down a bit. We’ll tell you why they’re so super and even give you some meal ideas. Endive – Greens are great, but try switching it up with this pale veg can be refreshing! It’s crunchy and has next-to-no calories. And those rounde

Tips For a New Year Jump Start

The new year is here and even if you aren’t running the San Diego Resolution Run this Saturday, you probably have a new year resolution or two. The vast majority of people setting goals for 2015 have at least one health related or fitness goal.  While working out is half of the battle, eating right makes up the other half. Here are some simple tips to get your eating back on track. 1.  Curb your sweet tooth – Sweet cravings can be a killer and dangerous when you have some coo

EatClean2015: Join Our Commitment To Clean Eating

2015 is hours away and yes it’s cliche’ to make a resolution. But how can you hate on the conscious effort of an individual or the masses to better themselves, others, and the world around them? It’s impossible to hate, so jump on the bandwagon! Whatever your resolution is, be sure to set specific steps and goals. Steps help you to be successful. Goals help you to know if and when you’ve accomplished your goals. If you’re considering joining us here at Sandy Feet in our Commi