Join Us in the, “Eat A Rainbow 5 Day Food Challenge”

Every day is a good day to reflect on your actions and choices and decide what stays, what goes, and how to improve. January 1st is just another day; it just happens to also be another year. In the spirit of the new year and making resolutions, we’d like to help you in some healthy eating habits in 2016. This year we decided to add yummy healthy foods into our lives rather than trying to cut out our guilty pleasures. Join us January 4th-8th leading up to the 2016 San Diego Re

EatClean2015: Join Our Commitment To Clean Eating

2015 is hours away and yes it’s cliche’ to make a resolution. But how can you hate on the conscious effort of an individual or the masses to better themselves, others, and the world around them? It’s impossible to hate, so jump on the bandwagon! Whatever your resolution is, be sure to set specific steps and goals. Steps help you to be successful. Goals help you to know if and when you’ve accomplished your goals. If you’re considering joining us here at Sandy Feet in our Commi

Tips for Making New Year’s Resolutions

With 2013 coming to an end, now is the time when the ambitious begin to think of their upcoming resolution for the new year. Have you started to think of yours? Do you even attempt to make a resolution? We have conjured up a few tips for making your New Year’s resolutions. Good luck! 1. Make a resolution to make a resolution. Have you convinced yourself to not even make a resolution, remember that the ones you made in the past “failed?” Well, just because the resolutions you