5 Yoga Techniques That Give Runners a Mental Edge

This article is written by our local expert, Lauren Padula*. We value and appreciate her experiences and knowledge greatly. You should too. Read and be enlightened. 5 Yoga Techniques for a Mental Edge If you ran the SD Beach and Bay Half Marathon this weekend this will help you recover! You’ve probably heard about the physical benefits of yoga for runners, including a decreased risk of injury, an increase in strength and improved overall performance; but you may be less aware

Temecula Half Marathon & 5K

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The Hype Behind Hydration

So you’re training for a half marathon or 5k in San Diego? Well its pretty dry here and it can get hot. An analogy for you: water is to our bodies as oil is to a car. It transports nutrients to your cells and takes waste away from them. Clearly, it’s kind of a big deal, especially for athletes. So, how can you make sure you’re hydrated on the regular, leading into race day? Follow these quick tips below to make sure you’re prepared for the San Diego Beach and Bay Half Maratho

You Have No Excuse Not to Run in San Diego

Literally. Weather year round is beyond bearable, idealistic by most people’s standards. There are approximately 3.8 million(ish) routes you can crush if you’re willing to step outside of your usual routine. Don’t have a normal route? Meet up with friends or make them through one of several local free running groups. Here are our route recommendations, a few training tips, and some resources to hit up so you continue to have zero excuses for not running in San Diego. Route Re

Inside the Brain of Brian Peterson, Ultrarunner

A popular anonymous running quote stoically states, “I am a runner because I run. Not because I run fast. Not because I run far. Because I run.” I’ve undoubtedly posted and reposted said quote on several social media outlets because it’s good. It empowers me. Someone who couldn’t run one mile in middle school without wheezing into submission of walking long before my full four laps were completed in PE. Things have changed, quite a bit, from that day, but I am still incredibl

May Motivation with Charity Miles

Join us, will you? In what, you ask? In a May Motivation #fittercity challenge with November Project to support your health and RWB. Plus, you might even win a free race entry to a Sandy Feet Events race to keep you active all year round! Here’s how: 1) Download the Charity Miles app (it’s free!). 2) Create a profile and login. 3) Join our local San Diego November Project tribe by joining team November Project SD. 4) Each time you run, walk, bike or November Project (a fre

5 Exercises All Runners Should Do to Maintain Strength and Help Prevent Injury: Advice from the Expe

So, we’re good with what injuries are most common and why we get them. Since we’re clearly not going to stop running, here are some exercises you can do to prevent the afore mentioned injuries according to our expert, Lauren Padula*. The 5 exercises all runners should do to maintain strength and help prevent injury are: 1. Band Sidestepping (video HERE) 2. Lunge Matrix – Forward lunge Side lunge Backwards lunge Curtsy lunge 4. Front plank with leg kick 5. Side plank with leg

Meet Nia: Our Newest (and Youngest!) Ambassador

Nia is determined, not only to stay fit and push herself to the limit, but also to maintain friendships through running. We at Sandy Feet Events are ecstatic to welcome our newest (and youngest) ambassador, Nia Akins. Wondering what perspective “kids these days” might have on running and life, I recently asked Nia a few questions. The response I read was not the answers of a kid, but rather that of a mature young lady that we’re proud to have represent us and undoubtedly insp

Plankful For The Plank Challenge!

Oh, the holiday season. The time of sharing, spending time with friends and family, laughter and cheer for days to come, and food. Endless food. There are many ways to fight the troubling effects this time of year may have on your waistline, but the way we’re recommending is by partaking in the Sandy Feet #PlankChallenge. That way, you have a proactive plan that incorporates a great exercise proven to improve your strength, flexibility, and posture. Get ready to get your hila

Shape Up Your Running Form

Running can be hard on the body and is often associated with injury. Sometimes running just doesn’t feel right. If you’re struggling with running, or something just doesn’t feel right, then it might be worth paying attention to your form. The following tips for correct running form are adapted from Runner’s World Magazine and Jeff Galloway. Head: You should look forward toward the horizon when you run. To do that, do not bend forward or look down at your feet. The focus is on

Trail Running in San Diego

Mission Trails, San Diego In recent years, trail running in San Diego has taken off due to the miles and miles or beautiful single track blazing through the county’s hillsides becoming more accessible. Mission Trails, Mount Laguna, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, Rancho Los Penasquitos, Iron Mountain and the San Elijo Hills are examples of great trail running locations that all offer loads of miles for exploring. Whether you want big climbs, long weaving single track, or somethin

The Best Cross Training Options for Runners

Have you are are you signed up for a race?  5K, 10K, half marathon, full marathon?  Chances are, you have your training plan and schedule in front of you, pinned up to your wall, added to your calendar, with “cross-training” or “XT” included.  On days off from running, what are the best options to cross train?  We have a couple ideas for you here at Sandy Feet Events! What is the purpose of cross training? While cross training, runners use and strengthen their muscles differ

Do you want to start running?

Running can be intimidating–even for seasoned runners.  Ask any runner and often, the hardest step is the first one out the door.  So naturally, the first step to start running in general can be even more challenging. As with anything else, starting something new can be both exciting and nerve-wracking.   Below are some tips to help you get started. – Obtain the proper shoes.  Buy running shoes.  They are meant for just that–running.  Your feet will thank you, it prevents fro