Make Time to Run

3PIXstudios © 2018 – It’s a new year and a new you – now keep it that way! Here are 5 tips on how to keep our running resolutions all year long. Schedule your week. Don’t let other commitments throw off your running routine. Every Sunday make calendar appointments for your running time based on your other commitments. Run from work. Bring your running clothes and shoes to work with you so you can run at lunch or run after work to wait out the rush hour. Ru

Keeping Your Cool When Training in the Heat

Happy Summer San Diego – time to bust out your shorts and tanks for summer training time. Lucky for us it doesn’t actually get that hot till August! The perfect time to start training for the Temecula Half Marathon & 5K if you’re using a beginner 12-week half marathon training program is mid August! Most runners have such a consistent running schedule that few things will be allowed to interrupt it. This is probably truer if you are in the middle of training for an event. Usu

5 Yoga Techniques That Give Runners a Mental Edge

This article is written by our local expert, Lauren Padula*. We value and appreciate her experiences and knowledge greatly. You should too. Read and be enlightened. 5 Yoga Techniques for a Mental Edge If you ran the SD Beach and Bay Half Marathon this weekend this will help you recover! You’ve probably heard about the physical benefits of yoga for runners, including a decreased risk of injury, an increase in strength and improved overall performance; but you may be less aware

You Have No Excuse Not to Run in San Diego

Literally. Weather year round is beyond bearable, idealistic by most people’s standards. There are approximately 3.8 million(ish) routes you can crush if you’re willing to step outside of your usual routine. Don’t have a normal route? Meet up with friends or make them through one of several local free running groups. Here are our route recommendations, a few training tips, and some resources to hit up so you continue to have zero excuses for not running in San Diego. Route Re

Most Common Causes of Running Injuries: Insight from the Expert

As passionate, dedicated, driven runners, we know that running injuries are the worst. Now that we know what the most common injuries are, let’s chat about the most common causes. Stay tuned for prevention methods in the upcoming post. Below are the four most common injuries according to Lauren Padula*. The most common causes for running injuries are typically one or more of the below: Weak glute and hip muscles: your glutes and hip muscles are responsible for stabilizing and

Running and Cross-Training: The Perfect Pair

Many runners are always aiming to improve. Whether it’s time or distance, or preparing for that big race, there is always that next goal they have in mind. Sometimes, injuries and overall strength can impede the potential goal of a runner. Cross-training can help improve your running and help you hit your goals sooner and without injury. Let’s “run” through some details. Even if you are a pro at running, it doesn’t mean you are advanced with weight lifting or body weight exer

Shape Up Your Running Form

Running can be hard on the body and is often associated with injury. Sometimes running just doesn’t feel right. If you’re struggling with running, or something just doesn’t feel right, then it might be worth paying attention to your form. The following tips for correct running form are adapted from Runner’s World Magazine and Jeff Galloway. Head: You should look forward toward the horizon when you run. To do that, do not bend forward or look down at your feet. The focus is on