5 Exercises All Runners Should Do to Maintain Strength and Help Prevent Injury: Advice from the Expe

So, we’re good with what injuries are most common and why we get them. Since we’re clearly not going to stop running, here are some exercises you can do to prevent the afore mentioned injuries according to our expert, Lauren Padula*. 

The 5 exercises all runners should do to maintain strength and help prevent injury are:

1. Band Sidestepping (video HERE)


2. Lunge Matrix –

  1. Forward lunge

  2. Side lunge

  3. Backwards lunge

  4. Curtsy lunge



4. Front plank with leg kick


5. Side plank with leg lift


BONUS! Here are the two mobility exercises all runners should do before running are:

  1. Hip drives 

  2. Ankle dorsiflexion

*Lauren is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and running coach. You can find her leading the lululemon La Jolla run club as their run ambassador, leading the San Diego chapter of the November Project, or running along the city’s beautiful waterfront as she trains for the Boston Marathon. If she’s not running, you can find her endlessly talking about running, as she coaches and trains runners of all levels and abilities or hosts workshops and clinics. She’s more than willing to answer any of your running questions, and her passion is helping you reach your running goals! You can find out more information about Lauren at www.RUNaliveSD.com or feel free to email her at RUNaliveSD@gmail.com


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