5 Running Resolutions You Can Actually Keep!

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  1. Sign Up for a New Event or New Distance! Once you sign up for something you are half way there, now you just have to actually GO! The Resolution Run added a half distance this year, maybe not enough time to train this time but you can plan on it next year! If you have always done the 15K in previous years maybe try stepping it up a few miles! Or try out drinking green bubbly in Temecula at the St. Patrick’s Day 5K/15K!

  2. Move Just One Mile! Run, walk, skip, hop – it doesn’t really matter but decide to use your feet to travel at least one mile by foot EVERYDAY! It will make a difference for sure if you aren’t currently doing at least something active everyday.  This can even include walking your dog or parking far away from an eating/drinking destination 🙂

  3. Get a Buddy! Find a friend or two to run with and schedule set times to meet for your weekly workouts. When you aren’t feeling it, a standing meet up with a friend is sure to get you going!

  4. Exercise in Nature! Take advantage of where you live! San Diego has so many fun and beautiful places to run. You will be so distracted by the views that you will forget to stop running 🙂 Check out THIS POST about the Sandy Feet Events Team’s favorite places to run in San Diego.

  5. Commit to 5 Minutes of Active Recovery! Stretching is important and also gets frequently forgotten! When you’re done with your 1+ mile run set your phone timer for 5 minutes and just stretch and breathe until that timer beeps. Siri will even do it for you! (iPhone users)

Okay, you don’t have to do ALL of these but at least now you have some ideas to get you started… so let’s go running together!  https://www.sandiegoresolutionrun.com/

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