5 Tips to Stay Fit Through the Holiday Season

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Every year it’s the same thing – the holiday parties, the cookie displays in the stores, the shorter daylight hours and cooling temperatures (even here in sunny San Diego). How on earth can you stay fit with all the rushing around and tempting indulgences of the holiday season?! Well, we compiled our top 5 tips for staying fit during the holidays just for you. Check it out!

  1. Fill Up on the Good Stuff

Eat a healthy meal before going out to the mall or to all those holiday parties. That way you’ll be too full to indulge in those unhealthy, but tempting, holiday treats. Also try packing some healthy snacks to keep on hand, so that next time you want to reach for those Christmas candies your coworker gave you, you can reach for some roasted almonds or carrots instead. The same goes for water – instead of ordering another sugary cocktail or mocha peppermint swirl latte, quench your thirst with some hydrating water – this will also help you wake up fresh to work out the next day!

  1. Gear Up

Don’t let colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours be an excuse not to get outside and run your heart out. Gear up with some stylish new winter running apparel – think long sleeves, venting full length pants, ear warmer headbands, reflective stripes, etc. Get yourself some winter gear that makes getting outside in the cold and dark fun and comfortable.

  1. Go Inside

Ok, we’re usually outdoor advocates, but maybe the cold and dark isn’t for you. That’s fine – just schedule in an alternative. Get a gym membership and hit the treadmill or do some cross training at a new workout class or join a yoga studio. Have these options in mind ahead of time, so that if the weather prevents you from going outside, it doesn’t prevent you from working out and feeling good. Supplementing with indoor fitness will keep you strong and ready to get outside when you can.

  1. Make a Schedule

Schedule your workouts in advance so you know you have time for them. Try working out in the morning before the day gets away from you, or schedule running dates with a buddy to increase your accountability and make them for fun. Once you get into a routine, you’ll find time to go for that run and run those errands.

  1. Set a Goal to Train For

You’re more likely to stick to healthy habits when you give yourself a fun goal to look forward to. We can help you with that! Sign up for the San Diego Resolution Run 5/15K/Half Marathon taking place Sunday, January 7, 2018. It’s a great way to stay motivated to train through the holidays and start your year off right. But don’t stop there – sign up for the Temecula St. Patrick’s Day 15K & 5K to make sure you keep your training going well into the new year! Save 10% on either or both events now when you register with promo code HOLIDAYS.

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