Beach to Bay 5K Run Belly Flop


My apologies to my fellow runners. The Beach to Bay 5K Run will have to be postponed until spring.

I know. I know. You already had your costume planned.

It only took three tries for me to learn this valuable lesson in organizing running events in San Diego: If you need an event permit or approval, take care of it yourself.

I’ve been trying to get this Beach to Bay 5K run going for awhile now. Last summer I was boarding an airplane bound for Africa when I got a phone call from the City of San Diego informing me no permit had been filed for a listed event – the Beach to Bay 5K. And so the main event it accompanies continued without the 5K.

The second try was not interesting enough to talk about.

This year, assured that the permit was secured (in hindsight I should have double checked), I proceeded to plan a Beach to Bay 5K. However, my fellow organizers and I also learned last year that hosting a 5K running event in San Diego, in the Mission Beach area, requires approval from the Mission Bay Park Committee. As I was about to print out 5K run flyers, I received the following e-mail:

“A new component of any event needs approval by the MBPC. The next meeting is October 5. Are you planning on changing the date? You indicated that you had wanted the run on October 2. That won’t be possible.”

And so, no Beach to Bay 5K run will be held this year on the previously scheduled date. But here is the new plan: The Beach to Bay 5K Run is postponed until spring and getting a face lift. Stay tuned for details, because my sources say that there might be beach obstacles involved! Those who are already registered are welcome to stay registered for spring, or take advantage of free entry into the San Diego Resolution 5K Run & 15K Run.

Fourth time’s the charm, right?

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