Can you train for a half marathon in 4 weeks?

If you are signed up for the Temecula Half Marathon & 5K (or any other half marathon coming up) on October, 20th at Wilson Creek Winery hopefully you have been training for weeks now – unless you are one of those rare people blessed with the ability to run marathons and half marathons without training! If you are a procrastinator like many people we know, we have some information that might help!

Technically you only have 23 days left – and since we couldn’t find any information on 3 week half marathon training programs here is what we have for you on 4-week half marathon training programs. While a 4-week half marathon training program is not the preferred strategy, you have to make do with the time you have. That being said – get going…NOW! The good news is we think it’s doable – and some others do too! Check it out: this article from Women’s Health Magazine which outlines an ambitious schedule to get you on the right track to running the Temecula Half Marathon & 5K in just 4-weeks, we also found this article in Men’s Health Magazine which outlines a slightly different half marathon training program strategy for getting you ready to run in wine country! The Temecula Half Marathon is a hilly dirt course so if you some place to train on hills definitely take advantage of that.

Here are 10 tips that will help:

  1. Take it slow and easy so you don’t burn out and recover faster for the next run

  2. Add in hill workouts

  3. Add in cross training (take a power yoga class!)

  4. Do one long run per week starting with 7-8 miles and working up to 9-10 miles

  5. Set reasonable goals for yourself

  6. Eat a clean healthy diet – avoid junk food!

  7. Find a running buddy to keep you motivated

  8. Pace yourself

  9. Stay positive – it REALLY helps (we can’t stress this enough)

  10. Remember there is usually wine or beer at the finish line!

When Sandy Feet Events’ Race Coordinator, Maura O’Neill signed up for her first half marathon she couldn’t even run 1 mile! She reluctantly admitted that she waited until the last 2 weeks to start training. Somehow she ran the entire race in 2:20 with out stopping to walk once and she didn’t regret a minute of it.

So what are you waiting for? Get out those running shoes and hit the road…GO!

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