Do race directors really run?

I have always been a runner. On the playground, when I was five, I was the fastest kid out there. In high school, I ran track. In college, I ran for exercise.

Still, I never really got super-into competitive running. I was very excited four years ago about how fit I would become just by organizing running events. Yet somehow, after I started my own company organizing trail races, 5K running events, and half marathons (coming soon) – I started running less.

I am not sure what happened there. Lately I have been increasing my running distances again and trying to run or cross-train daily (yoga, biking, swimming, walking and rollerblading) but I cannot shake this knee pain when I run more than four miles (sad, for a half marathon organizer).

So that is my new goal: To train for a half marathon (most likely the San Dieguito Half Marathon) and run it without pain. I know I can do it. I have tried different techniques over the past few years: running on dirt, ChiRunning, group-running, running barefoot on the sand, wearing Nike Frees and Vibram Five Fingers. Trail-running and beach-running are definitely my favorite activities. I just need to find a new approach to distance training. The pictures below represent how I feel right now. 😀

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