Do you want to start running?


Running can be intimidating–even for seasoned runners.  Ask any runner and often, the hardest step is the first one out the door.  So naturally, the first step to start running in general can be even more challenging. As with anything else, starting something new can be both exciting and nerve-wracking.   Below are some tips to help you get started.

– Obtain the proper shoes.  Buy running shoes.  They are meant for just that–running.  Your feet will thank you, it prevents from injury, and the shoes will allow you to get the best workout you can.  Think about it.  Out of all the sports, running is the only sport that requires one simple item–shoes.  Other sports require other gear, shoes, certain attire, etc.  But with running, the proper footwear is key–so don’t cheat your body!  Worn out shoes are the leading cause of injury; avoid it from the start!

– Start by walking.  Perhaps you have not been a regular exerciser.  Use this opportunity to start slowly and ease your body into this unfamiliar territory.  Perhaps one day, walk for 30 minutes.  Then ease yourself into walking for 20 and running for 10.  Then maybe 15 minutes of each.  As you move forward, your body will become acclimated to just running, and you can run for 30 minutes straight … or longer!  The key here is to start slowly so do you not push your body–which could lead to injury.

– Run where it works for you.  Some people start running on the treadmill.  Some start in their neighborhood, others on a trail.  Wherever it is, find it.  Find the route that you want and the route that will get you out of the door.

– Take care of your body.  This tip could go on a number of ideas.  Firstly, if you feel your body may be too tired or worn down–pay attention to that.  Back off on the running for a little big and maybe shorten the distance or incorporate more walks.  Next, be sure to eat right!  Proper nutrition is also key, as the food we eat supplies us with energy and fuels us for our run.

– Breathe.  Pay attention to your breath.  While running, you should be able to carry a light conversation.  If you are huffing and puffing and out of breath, you are working too hard.  Breathe in through our nose, and out through your moth.

– Find a buddy.  On that note, some people find it helpful to start running with a friend.  If that works for you to help keep you motivated and uplifted, grab a friend to get you started?

– Put on some music.  Music can be a huge component to getting you out the door.  If you enjoy music, use the opportunity to excite you to find more music to listen to while you run.  Maybe you’ll even have a mini dance party mid-run!

– Cool down and stretch.  Following your run, don’t forget to cool down (by walking) and stretch.  This allows your muscles to slowly begin to relax rather than simply becoming static and your heart rate will begin to slow down to normal.

Most importantly, find what works for you.  Starting off slowly on a treadmill?  Working your way outdoors? Running with a friend?  Running solo?  We all know that each individual is unique–so find what works for you and find that thrill to run. Happy running!


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