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Does Running Cure Hangovers? Tips for a Healthy Hangover Run

To the above, we say YES as long as you include a hill in there 😉

Running and drinking sound like two opposites – but in many cases opposites attract! So many events these days host post race beer gardens – like our Temecula Half Marathon & 5K with the signature tasting garden or our St. Patricks Day 5K & 15K which offers each runner a green bubbly reward from Cougar Winery at the finish!

According to Runners World runners like to drink—science even says so. Last year, a study published in Frontiers in Psychiatry found that exercise and alcohol consumption were positively correlated. In essence, while athletes are less likely than their non-fit peers to engage in most unhealthy behaviors, such as donut-eating or smoking, they’re more likely to drink. Read more on that here Local groups like the San Diego Hash House Harriers  – whose slogan is “drinkers with a running problem” – prove the model!

Running might even help cure hangovers – woohoo for me! Although it might not feel great or be that good for you to sweat out your tequila shots the next morning, the endorphin high you get from running might just be enough to “cure” (or mask the effects of) a minor hangover. Just make sure to hydrate hydrate hydrate!

Runners World also offers some helpful hints for running with a hangover. They stress that prevention is better than cure…duh! Also, if you’re planning a morning run…hydrate while you drink to minimize the effects. Sounds obvious but very easy to forget. Again hydrate in the morning too. Pro tip: keep a big bottle of water by your bed and drink it through the night & have a little cup of coffee before you’re out the door in your running gear!

PS. You could also try a healthy(ish) alternative to beer or wine. We’ve recently discovered and are obsessed with Boochcraft, a 7% ABV kombucha – a must try! They claim you can “enjoy the party and the morning after.” Still stick with the everything in moderation mantra on that one (from experience).

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