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2015 is hours away and yes it’s cliche’ to make a resolution. But how can you hate on the conscious effort of an individual or the masses to better themselves, others, and the world around them? It’s impossible to hate, so jump on the bandwagon! Whatever your resolution is, be sure to set specific steps and goals. Steps help you to be successful. Goals help you to know if and when you’ve accomplished your goals.

If you’re considering joining us here at Sandy Feet in our Commitment to Be Clean, here are a few reasons you might want to and a few things you should know.

Reasons to Eat Clean

– Regain/increase energy – Establish healthy eating habits – Stop unhealthy food cravings – Fuel your body for workouts (a great compliment to a healthy lifestyle) – Lose weight/body fat – Decrease/stop bloating – Clearer skin – Shiny, healthier hair – Aesthetics (potential to look like a fitness model)

What You Should Know (Basic Tips)


– eat simple, fresh, local ingredients and drink lots of water – balance meals with fruits, veggies, healthy fats, protein and whole grains/complex carbs – eat 5-6 smaller portioned meals a day (not a part of eating clean, but can help you from getting hungry when paired well) – eat organic when possible (also not strictly part of eating clean, but the less pesticides in your body the better) – stay away from “bad fats” (saturated and trans fats)


– eat processed and refined foods such as packaged snacks, candy, pastries, white bread and pasta – consume caffeine, alcohol, or drugs (kind of gimme, but also kind of a challenge for some. You can do it!) – get too overwhelmed or frustrated. Any effort to live a more healthy lifestyle is success. Shake off any setbacks and start over the next day!

Want more?

Here are two great articles that give a great overview of eating clean. We’ll post more resources on our Commitment to Clean Eating Facebook page and we’d love you to join the page and the dialogue! Use the hashtags #eatclean2015 and #SDResolutionRun .

30 Day Clean Eating Challenge Article

Good-Bye Dieting, Hello Clean Eating Article

Eating Organic : What’s On My Food webpage

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