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Eating Clean Part Deux


We’d be lying if we didn’t say that eating clean was a challenge for us here at Sandy Feet, but 2/3 into our January commitment we’ve got some more resources and advice to help you keep going strong or start it up!

1) Get Clean with a Clan:

Support is essential in any life change you make. Whether it’s a new pace you’re running, distance you’re tackling, or habit you’re forming, it’s easiest to do it with friends and family. Even if everyone in your inner circle isn’t taking it to the extreme, just a simple explanation helps and takes the pressure off you feeling like you’re a weirdo.

2) Remind Yourself WHY You’re Doing It.

For us, we know that eating organic, non GMO, whole foods and more produce is better for our environment and bodies. Less processing means less preparation which means less packing and thus a smaller carbon footprint. More produce consumed means more vitamins and nutrients that will fuel our bodies for all the fun activities we know make us happy! There are many other benefits that come from eating clean including increased energy, trying new foods, confidence in meal preparation, and pride in sticking to a commitment, but only YOU know the reason you’ve made/will make this commitment. And once you’ve made it, stick to it!

3) Keep Track of How Much Money You’re Spending/Saving.

Many people believe that eating clean will cost more money. We’ve found that while some products have high initial costs, those often are the ones that last the longest amount of time. Plus, you can often buy in bulk bins, which cuts down on costs. Produce prices in local markets are comparative to those at major chains, but you get the added bonus of knowing you’re supporting your local farmers. And most importantly, we’re no longer spending (as much) money on junk food, alcohol, caffeinated drinks, or pre-packaged food, which saves the most amount of money.

4) Think of Eating Clean as a Lifestyle, Not a Diet. Yes, eating clean has eating right in the title, but it helps to remember that it’s not just about the food and beverages you consume. A clean lifestyle is about being conscious of what’s best for your body and your surroundings. Getting daily exercise for the mind and body are also important. Drinking lots of water is important. Surrounding yourself with a work space and people you respect and love is important. Your whole self is clean! What a great feeling!

5) Do Some Light Reading, Because Knowledge Is Power (the more you know *shooting star*) We’ve really been enjoying reading and sharing awesome articles and resources we’ve found in the process of learning how we can be the best versions of our clean selves. Here are a few of our favorites: * Health & Nutrition Center : Lots of great recipes for those of us who aren’t clean Top Chefs as well as articles on nutrition, health, fitness, diet & weight, lifestyle, and cooking.

* The Food Babe: She’s a self proclaimed investigator that finds out what’s really in our food such as the “harmful ingredients in processed foods and how to avoid the stuff the food industry is trying to hide!” Pretty interesting.

* The Lean Clean Eating Machine: A blogger that started on her clean journey because of all the allergies she had but has seen the benefits of eating clean for herself and others. Now posts incredible meal ideas with beautiful pictures to boot.

* Mark’s Daily Apple: The article linked has some interesting infographics about what to eat and how to exercise which helpful (although we have no problem with legumes or whole grains in moderation). The rest of his site is motivational as well and he says, “My most prominent motivator is the pursuit of pleasure and happiness in my life.” Plus, he doesn’t look too shabby, so he’s probably doing something right!

* The Gracious Pantry: Great resource for recipes and info. And there’s even videos for those of you adamant about not reading. Great overview video of eating clean through link.

Ready to join our commitment? It’s not too late to join our Facebook Group and get inspired with the clan. What are you waiting for?


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