Introducing Sandy Feet Events – all work and lots of fun! (and more eye twitches)

Whoa… Starting a new business is really easy to daydream about, but somehow the work of getting it off the ground is glazed over in my daydreams.

I’m having a great time with all of this Sandy Feet Events business-start-up stuff, but it’s so stressful (in a good way). Filling incorporation papers, opening bank accounts, picking out logos, interviewing web design firms, setting up a new workspace, planning new events (the San Diego Resolution Run 5K & 15K and a NEW Eco-Half Marathon & 5K), writing proposals, forming new partnerships, meeting potential new hires – doing it right from the start this time and telling the world what I am doing!

For the logo, I used a website called It was scary at first, but I’m happy with the result. I have a great company working on my Sandy Feet website called Ninthlink. Jeromy, the owner, oozes creativity. I have been getting nothing but positive feedback on the name and logo, and I cannot wait for everyone to see how sweet the website turns out!

P.S. The eye twitch has subsided.

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