Make Time to Run

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It’s a new year and a new you – now keep it that way! Here are 5 tips on how to keep our running resolutions all year long.

  1. Schedule your week. Don’t let other commitments throw off your running routine. Every Sunday make calendar appointments for your running time based on your other commitments.

  2. Run from work. Bring your running clothes and shoes to work with you so you can run at lunch or run after work to wait out the rush hour.

  3. Run more or less. Sometimes you don’t have time for your normal or long run, but don’t let that keep you from running at all. Just get out there and do a short run if that’s all you have time for. It will help keep you in the habit of just getting out there, and then you can make up the distance another day.

  4. Run with a buddy. Accountability and peer pressure can keep you going when laziness and excuse making start creeping in.

  5. Sign up for races. Talk about accountability. If you pay for a race, you have more motivation to show up and run! Plus, signing up for a race gives you a goal to train for and a fun way to celebrate your accomplishment with others. Sandy Feet Events has got you covered on that front! Check out our upcoming schedule here.

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