Most Common Causes of Running Injuries: Insight from the Expert

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As passionate, dedicated, driven runners, we know that running injuries are the worst. Now that we know what the most common injuries are, let’s chat about the most common causes. Stay tuned for prevention methods in the upcoming post. Below are the four most common injuries according to Lauren Padula*.

The most common causes for running injuries are typically one or more of the below:

  1. Weak glute and hip muscles: your glutes and hip muscles are responsible for stabilizing and maintaining good mechanics during the running cycle. Poor glute and hip strength leads to unstable joints, altered mechanics, and increased forces through the knees and ankles, often resulting in injury.

  2. Decreased mobility in hips and ankles: running is a complex cycle involving almost all of the joints in the body. In order to maintain good mechanics the ankle and hip joints need to have proper mobility and range of motion. Limited mobility in the ankle and hip lead to compensation elsewhere, often in the knees or as overuse of the soft tissue structures (muscle, tendon, ligament).

  3. Improper footwear: SHOES, SHOES, SHOES! Each person has a slightly different shape to their foot as well as motion of the foot during running. It cannot be overstated that having the appropriate shoe for your foot is key to healthy and comfortable running.

  4. Improper progression of training: increasing your volume, intensity, or duration of running too quickly causes strain on your body that your body can’t heal or repair. A running coach can help you gauge your body’s appropriate level of progression.

*Lauren is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and running coach. You can find her leading the lululemon La Jolla run club as their run ambassador, leading the San Diego chapter of the November Project, or running along the city’s beautiful waterfront as she trains for the Boston Marathon. If she’s not running, you can find her endlessly talking about running, as she coaches and trains runners of all levels and abilities or hosts workshops and clinics. She’s more than willing to answer any of your running questions, and her passion is helping you reach your running goals! You can find out more information about Lauren at or feel free to email her at


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