My Website, My Website – Hooray!!


Finally, after the longest process I have ever been through, I HAVE A WEBSITE (which you probably already know if you are reading this post)!

Getting as close to perfect as possible was definitely more of an endurance race than a sprint, but the Sandy Feet Site is finally live, and I love it. Now I just have to learn how to use the thing. We have detailed instructions from David over @Ninthlink, who I have been driving crazy for the past three months. (Let’s be honest, I’ll probably keep that up.) First on the agenda – postpone the Beach to Bay 5K Fun Run. Then – write more blog posts, take a good picture of myself for the “About Us” page, go through Heidi’s content editing notes and actually make the changes, and create a new page for the Resolution Challenge.

Having a great website for Sandy Feet Events is exciting – and work. In the events industry, a professional online presence is important to make it easy for runners and attendees to register, learn about new events and connect with each other. And of course, a great website will help me spread the word about Sandy Feet’s wonderful sponsors and causes.

OK, now I have to figure out how to publish this post.

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