Partnering with Padula: Meet the Running Expert


Meet Lauren Padula. She’s the newest member to the Sandy Feet Events think tank and brings a whole lot of credentials to our table. Lucky for you, she’s going to share that running knowledge in posts we’ll include on our blog, Instagram and Facebook page, so make sure you keep up with all three! Prepare to be schooled. For now, let’s just sit back and let her introduce herself.

A little about me: Originally from Washington State, I grew up playing soccer and running around the track. After moving to Boston to study physical therapy, I fell in love with the Boston Marathon and distance running.

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and running coach, taking full advantage of the San Diego sunshine. You can find me leading the lululemon La Jolla run club as their run ambassador, leading the San Diego chapter of the November Project, or running along the city’s beautiful waterfront as I train for the Boston Marathon. If I’m not running you can find me endlessly talking about running, as I coach and train runners of all levels and abilities or host workshops and clinics. I’m always here to answer any of your running questions, and my passion is helping you reach your running goals! You can find out more information about me at or feel free to email me at

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