Plankful For The Plank Challenge!

turtle plank

Oh, the holiday season. The time of sharing, spending time with friends and family, laughter and cheer for days to come, and food. Endless food. There are many ways to fight the troubling effects this time of year may have on your waistline, but the way we’re recommending is by partaking in the Sandy Feet #PlankChallenge. That way, you have a proactive plan that incorporates a great exercise proven to improve your strength, flexibility, and posture.

Get ready to get your hilarious and/or resolution based plank on.

Here are the DT’s: WHO: YOU! And anyone else interested in keeping their tummies the same size, while eating too many holiday pies. WHAT: A Sandy Feet Events #plankchallenge for 30 days, increasing your time each day to prove you can work your core strength up to hold a plank for 5 freakin’ minutes! YES YOU CAN! WHERE: Any where your heart desires, BUT the more ridiculous/entertaining the location or integrated with your New Year’s Resolution it is, the better (ie more points earned). Post on the the San Diego Resolution Run 5K & 15K page. As long as you include the hashtags #SDResolutionRun and#PlankChallenge , we’ll find it! WHEN: December 1st – 30th, any time of day that works for you, for less than 5 minutes. WHY: 1) Planks help our bodies: – stand upright and tall with good posture – improve balance and sports performance – easily manage everyday activities like getting up from a chair or picking up a child – prevent osteoarthritis, as well as muscular and joint aches – maintain digestion and metabolism 2) It will be fun to see awesome pictures of friends and others planking. Let’s bring the plank fad of 2011 back with purpose! The turtle is doing it all wrong, but is still adorable. 3) Bad-ass prizes awarded to multiple participants. We’re talking race entries, gift cards, eco bags, yoga mats, tank tops, high fives and more! See the attached picture for the break down of points awarded and times you’ll be planking each day. By joining the event on the SD Resolution Run 30 Day Challenge  before December 1st, we’ll consider you entered and you already get a point before the #plankchallenge has even begun! Jackpot. You can enter any day in December, though. 

HOW (THE POINTS): 1 post on the Res Run Page = 1 point Resolution Run Theme = 1 point Fun location = 1 point Most Likes of the week = 5 bonus point Staff Fav of the Week = 5 bonus points Post all 30 days = 5 bonus points *No points awarded if hashtags not used or not posted on the San Diego Resolution Run Facebook Page

Not convinced you should dedicate up to five minutes of your precious time? Check out these articles: BENEFITS…/plank-exercise-benefits…/500440-what-does-the-plank-exe…/ HOW TO PLANK* *We’re all about modification, but remember modifications are for capability, not convenience. Challenge yourself! –…/core-challenge-how-to-execu……/7-plank-variations-strong-r…

Best of Luck straightening up, ya’ll and have a very Happy Planksgiving!


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