Race Day Tips


A lot goes into preparing for a running event. It doesn’t matter what the distance. You prepped, you trained, you mentally prepared. This last thing you want is to let something small ruin all that hard work.

Here are some last minute tips, for beginners and veterans alike, to make sure that you’re in tip top shape to enjoy that wine at the finish line.

1. Stick to your plan. Your adrenaline is going to be pumping the morning of your event. It is going to be tempting to shoot out of your corral faster than normal. You may feel good enough to race out the first few miles. But don’t. Watch your pacing and stick to how you trained.

2. Take it easy the day before. It may be tempting to take a last minute run the day before the race but fight the urge. Take it easy on your legs and your mind by doing something relaxing. Chances are you will be too excited to sleep so your body will need all the rest it can get.

3. Skip the pasta party. Unless you are used to gorging on pasta, the carb loading dinner can cause havoc on your stomach. Have a big lunch the day before and then stick to a well-balanced, light dinner the night before. You will be nervous enough on race day as it is without having to worry about food-related stomach issues.

4. Go easy on hydration right before the race. As soon as you wake up, start hydrating. Stop drinking about an hour before the race time. You want to be hydrated but you do not want to be waiting to start and have to run to the bathroom. Hydrating ahead of time will help you stay ahead of the game out on the trail. 5. Have fun! You have worked too hard for this day to not have fun. Enjoy the scenery, the challenge and your friends! You have an amazing finish line celebration waiting for you and some new bling! This is what you worked for!

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