Run Like a Girl


Running Like a Girl – It’s Biological

The female body has many biological differences from the male body that impact the way women run. Read on to learn how you can harness your advantages and overcome your challenges.


Women tend to be more flexible than men thanks to wider hips and hormones that allow tendons to stretch more (which makes childbirth possible). This flexibility allows women to disperse the impact and pressure on joints with each step – helping to prevent stress injuries. However, according to the New York Times, looser connective tissues returns less energy with each stride. So while you may not be sitting out injuries as much, you’ll have to work harder to keep up your goal pace.

Steady As She Goes:

Speaking of your kick butt pace, women tend to be better at pacing themselves. A report from Marquette University showed that female marathon runners slowed down at the midpoint of the race significantly less than males. So keep up that balanced pace for a successful overall race!

Love Your Curves:

Women’s bodies tend to have higher fat than men, but don’t start dieting over that. Those fat reserves can be fuel for your next long distance race. According to the New York Times, a woman’s body may be more efficient at using body fat and conserving glycogen – which gives you the fuel needing to keep going all the way to the finish line.

Hey Mamma:

Life may get quite a bit crazier with the addition of little ones, but pregnancy and motherhood tend to actually improve competitive women’s running! “Many of the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy can be beneficial for runners, exercise scientists have found. A woman’s heart pumps more blood during pregnancy, for instance, and she gains red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body. Both of those alterations are beneficial for subsequent athletic performance.” According to the New York Times, “Pregnancy also is a kind of resistance training, with a woman’s bones and muscles adapting to bear considerably more weight as her unborn child grows.” Plus, if you have the guts to go through child birth, you probably have what it takes to complete that goal race of yours.

Fight PMS:

That time of the month just sucks, however, runners have access to a cure. You may not feel like doing anything but laying on the couch in your favorite robe and eating chocolate while binge watching Netflix, but once you get yourself to lace up those shoes and hit the trail, you may find your PMS symptoms left in the dust. Dr. Mary Jane Minkin of Yale School of Medicine says that running during PMS or PMDD can actually alleviate symptoms and help with cramps.

Gear Up:

With the surge in fitness apparel available, women can look good and feel good out there. Here are a few tips for your next shopping spree. Replace your sports bra at least once a year because the spandex degrades and decreases their function. Find one that doesn’t pinch or rub against your skin. Also, avoid cotton as it holds onto sweat and creates friction – ouch. And don’t hesitate to run in style – gear up with products made for women in mind – headbands, running hats, running skirts, and even running tutus – woot woot!

Ready to Run?

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