Running Injuries: Insight From the Expert

They're the worst. Learn the top 3 in this article.

As passionate, dedicated, driven runners, we know that running injuries are the worst. It’s important to know how to prevent them and what their causes are, but first we’ll learn what the most common injuries are. Stay tuned for causes and prevention methods. Below are the three most common injuries according to Lauren Padula*.

Three of the most common running injuries are:

1. Plantar fasciitis: plantar fasciitis is a straining of the ligament in the foot that supports the arch. It can result in tightness, pain in the arch, and pain in the heel.

2. “Runner’s Knee”: also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome, patellar tendonitis. Runner’s knee isn’t really a specific injury. It’s a loose term for several specific disorders with different causes. Symptoms of runner’s knee are:

  1. Pain behind or around the kneecap, especially where the thighbone and the kneecap meet

  2. Pain when you bend the knee — when walking, squatting, kneeling, running, or even rising from a chair

  3. Pain that’s worse when walking downstairs or downhill

  4. Swelling

  5. Popping or grinding sensations in the knee

3. IT Band syndrome: IT stands for iliotibial. The iliotibial band is a band of fibrous tissue that runs down the outside of the thigh from the hip to the knee. It provides stability and helps prevent dislocation of those joints. The band may overdevelop, tighten, and rub across the hipbone or the outer part of the knee. Each time the knee is bent or the hip flexed, the band rubs against bone.

*Lauren is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and running coach. You can find her leading the lululemon La Jolla run club as their run ambassador, leading the San Diego chapter of the November Project, or running along the city’s beautiful waterfront as she trains for the Boston Marathon. If she’s not running, you can find her endlessly talking about running, as she coaches and trains runners of all levels and abilities or hosts workshops and clinics. She’s more than willing to answer any of your running questions, and her passion is helping you reach your running goals! You can find out more information about Lauren at or feel free to email her at


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