Social media – everyone’s doing it you should be, too!


So there is this thing called social media and it’s really important. These days everyone is using it, and if you want to keep up with the world, you should, too.

If you want to organize running events in San Diego, social media platforms like Facebook can attract more runners. The social media spiral continues through Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, MySpace, Ning and so much more. In theory, you post to your blog which automatically posts to your Facebook and Tweets to all of your friends in a matter of seconds.

I just have to figure out how.

Luckily, I just happen to know a social media consultant (who wishes to remain nameless until the successful launch of the Sandy Feet social media campaign) to help me with Sandy Feet’s social media strategy.

Yes, I need a strategy for my Facebook page. Set-up is a pain but worth it in the end!

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