Spring Gala – the eye twich


Last week, I developed an eye twitch.

The past few weeks have been nuts for me because I’ve been coordinating the Spring Gala with Green Drinks. Luckily, I had help from some really awesome volunteers! I also had an intern from High Tech High working with me during a three-week mentoring program run by her school. She has been helping me set up all of the silent auction displays, cleaning up proposals, developing my event sponsorship database – and she is so cute!

Eye twitching aside, the Green Drinks event was a lot of fun. I got the feeling that a good time was had by all – attendees and volunteers, alike. We raised enough money through the gala to install a biogas tank at Tumaini Children’s Villiage in Arusha, Tanzania. Now I have to figure out how to transfer the funds to them and get the biogas project off the ground from across the world.

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