Tips For a New Year Jump Start

The new year is here and even if you aren’t running the San Diego Resolution Run this Saturday, you probably have a new year resolution or two.

The vast majority of people setting goals for 2015 have at least one health related or fitness goal.  While working out is half of the battle, eating right makes up the other half.

Here are some simple tips to get your eating back on track.

1.  Curb your sweet tooth – Sweet cravings can be a killer and dangerous when you have some cookies or chocolate around the house.  Before you reach for that piece of chocolate, reach for some fruit! Perhaps a slice of apple with almond butter?

2.  Stock up on diet-friendly foods – having a stock of raw nuts, fat-free plain yogurt, and fresh fruits and vegetables can help you stay in control at home.  From healthy snacking to low-calorie substitutions (plain yogurt is a healthy exchange for sour cream) these food will help you stay on track!

3.  Police your proteins – while many people focus on meals that are low-carb, proteins can carry a lot of hidden fat and extra calories!  If you protein source takes up more than half of your plate, it is too much! Fruits and vegetables should make up half of your plate with proteins and whole grains sharing the other half!

4.  Don’t let happy hour get too…happy – when you know you are heading out for a night on the town, there are a few things to remember so that you don’t drink too many calories.  Blended drinks such as daiquiris and margaritas are full of unnecessary calories! Switch to a wine spritzer or even soda water with a splash or juice!

5.  Find your balance – do not ever feel like you have to deprive yourself.  If you want a piece of chocolate cake, eat it! Just remember that calories in = calories out.  If you spurge a bit then run the extra miles that day or the next. It’s all about balance!

While there are SO MANY things to do to reach those health and fitness resolutions of yours, these five simple tips are easy enough to stick to without any need for a life-changing behavior! Make this your best year yet!

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