Top 10 Trail Running Tips by Monika

Let me start with a disclaimer that I’m by no means a trail running expert … but I run 4-5 days a week on moderately hilly (and urban) trails and have completed 4 trail races to date. (10K, 15K, 10K, and a half marathon) My most recent race was a trail half marathon (my first one!), and after the race I had several email discussions about trail running that lead me to put together a list of my own tips for surviving a trial run.

Tip #1 – Review the Course


Tip #2 – Train for the Course


Tip #3 – Set Realistic Goals


Tip #4 – Dress Accordingly


Tip #5 – Carry Water


Tip #6 – Don’t Litter


Tip #7 – Eyes on the Ground


Tip #8 – Drink From the Side


Tip #9 – Push Branches Out of the Way


Tip #10 – Enjoy the Downhills


And …. I was going to give 10 tips but I have one more.


Tip #11 – Have Fun!


Have fun while you run! I grew up in a city and love the city life, but even I can enjoy nature and a trail run. Take the time to enjoy getting to run on a natural trail. Enjoy your time outside and appreciate the course and the weather and the city you are in. Have fun! Isn’t that why you signed up?

Monika with a “K” –

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